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Colorform Aliens
By Euphrates
"The Outer Space Men"
Colorform Aliens These beautiful bendees from 1968 were the only figures ever made by the Colorforms people. The Aliens, and Mattel's Sea Devils are generally the next level for folks who have completed their Major Matt Mason collections. Like Sea Devils, Colorform Aliens are very hard to find without wire breaks, damage or melts to the rubber, and with all of their accessories.

If the first series wasn't enough of a challenge for collectors, there is a next to impossible second series of figures titled The World of the Future. There are rumored to only be a few of these prototypical sets in existence.

The Outer Space Men

Alpha 7 The Man from Mars with Laser Pistol and Helmet
Astro-Nautilus The Man from Neptune with Trident
Electron+ The Man from Pluto with Laser Pistol and Helmet
Colossus Rex The Man from Jupiter with Mace
Commander Comet The Man from Venus with Crossbow, Wings and Helmet
Orbitron The Man from Uranus with Weapon
Xodiac The Man from Saturn with Weapon

The World of the Future

Cyclops Giant from Beyond the Milky Way with Weapons, Helmet and Armor
Gamma-X The Man from the 4th Dimension with Weapon
Gemini The Man from Twin Star Algol with Helmet, Septre and Weapon
Inferno The Flame Man of Mercury with Weapon
Metamorpho The Man from Alpha Centauri with Accessories
Mystron The Man from Hollow Earth with Septre and Helmet

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