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Upsy Downsys
"Mattel's Happidiculous New World!"
By Euphrates
Upsy Downsys Upys Downsys are another popular offering from Mattel. Made in 1969, each 2 1/2 inch Kiddle-meets-Goofy Grape looking creature came with a playland mat, accessories and a nonsensical nursery-rhyme name. All of the individual mats could be placed together to make an Upsy Downsy Happidiculous world. There were also books sold for each Upsy (right side up) and Downsy (upside down), that described their adventures.

Upsy Downsys and their accessories can be found today for $25 to $50 loose, and as much as $100-$175 for boxed figures and playsets. The books generally sell for $5-$15.

Single Upsy Downsy Figures - Partial List

Baby So Hi with Aerozoomer - Upsy
Downy Dilly - Downsy
Flossy Glossy with Elswetter/Elwhetter Fire Engine - Upsy
Miss Information with Booth Moose - Downsy
Mother What Now with Go Getter - Downsy
Pocus Hocus with Dragon Wagon - Downsy
Pudgy Fudgy with Piggy Bus - Upsy
Tickle Pinkle with Bugabout - Upsy

Books - Partial List

Baby So High and The Just Right Pet
Downy Dilly and the Monster Trick
Flossy Glossy and the Hard-to-Find Fire
Miss Information and The Upsy Downsy Circus
Mother What Now and the Mixed-up Treasure
Pocus Hocus and the Magic Tree House
Pudgy Fudgy and the Whirlaround Picnic
Tickle Pinkle and the Beautiful Birthday Party
Welcome to Upsy Downsy Land

Playsets - Partial List

Funny Feeder Set

Gooey Chooey, Burger Platter and 3 burgers, Short Order, Billboard, Fence, Street Light, Cardboard Playland, and Connector Clip. Happy Go Round Set

Connector Clip, Fence, 3 cars that connect to the Happy Go Round, Tingle Dingle, Foozie Woozie, Cardboard playland and flower.

Wizzzers - Partial List

Hairy Hurry and Skelter Helter
Thithery Hithery

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