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Luv Buds
By Euphrates
Luv Buds Luv Buds were Buddy L's 1982 (was Buds a play on Buddy L?) version of Uneeda's Petal People. You still had a Kiddle-sized doll sitting in a flower. The dolls were scented with posable arms and legs and came with a comb and a watering can. The difference was that these cuties didn't peek out of the petals of their "magic-action" flower until you poured water in the pot.

Luv Buds are also similar to Petal People in that they are scarce but not very popular. You can still find them in their original boxes for well under $20. You will rarely find them loose.

List of Dolls

Tobey Tulip
Georgia Peach
Rosey Rose
Lilly Pop
Vicky Violet
Mari Gold

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