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Hamilton's Invaders
Monster Science Fiction!
By Euphrates
Hamilton's Invaders Remco's Hamilton's Invaders series of toys enables children to explore the age old question: "What would happen if the earth were attacked by giant bugs?" Remember, this was 1964.

Horrible Hamilton and his yellow friend The Spider were the two antagonists in this line of hard-to-find toys. They were spring-motored which allowed them to walk and bite with their pinchers. The good guys were blue army-men sized soldiers in varying poses of shooting these pests. They were additionally equipped with a wind-up jeep and helicopter.

Remco also made a few child-sized pieces - the Grenade Pistol and Bug Helmet. The vehicles and the child-sized toys all had a sticker with Hamilton's Invaders and the pincher logo on them.

You won't find any bargains on this stuff at auction or sales sites. It is rare and highly sought after. Oddly enough, most of the pieces I have seen around the net have been boxed. I have not see very many loose pieces from this series. This may be because of their obscurity. They probably end up in lots of miscellaneous toys.

Partial List of Hamilton's Invaders Sets and Accessories

Bug Eye Helmet (silver and black variations)
Grenade Pistol
Pistol - silver and yellow
Hornet Helicopter and Blue Defenders
The Battle of Horrible Hamilton - Horrible Hamilton, Hornet Helicopter and Blue Defenders
The Battle of the Spider - Spider, Mosquito Jeep and Blue Defenders
Sears Exclusive - Battle of the Monsters (includes both playsets above)

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