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Glamour Gals
By Euphrates
Glamour Gals Kenner's Glamour Gals made their first appearance in 1981-1982. The dolls were vinyl with rooted hair and Barbie-style articulation and came with a stand for posing. They were about 4-inches tall making them tower over (as Super Models tend to do) Hasbro's 3 3/4-inch GI Joes from the same year. During their brief reign on toy shelves (again, like Super Models) Kenner provided them with many carded fasion outfits and accessories, including the much sought after Fancy Firebird. Despite the fact that these are "modern" dolls, most of their outfits and accessories stuck with the time-tested themes of sun-bathing, getting married or just looking good.

Partial List of Figures


Partial List of Playsets and Accessories

Ballarina Blush Outfit
Beautiful Bride Outfit
Bold Gold Outfit
Bronze Beauty Outfit
Carefree Cowgirl Outfit
Coloring book
Crowning Beauty Outfit
Dazzle City
Dinner for Two Outfit
Dual Dynamo Outfit
Fancy Firebird Sports Car
Glamour Gals Cafe Fashion Cafe Purse
Golden Glitter Outfit
Hawian Holiday Outfit
Jean Supreme Outfit
Jungle Jade Outfit
Lemon Peel Outfit
Ocean Queen Crew
Party Playset
Picnic Pizzaz Outfit
Rodeo Rose Outfit
Romantic Rose Outfit
Simply Sparkling Outfit
Softly Suited Outfit
Sweet Romance Outfit
Totally Tangerine Outfit
Wedding Day Set

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