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Toppers Tigers
"The Roughest, Toughest, Fightingest Combat Team the world has ever seen."
By Euphrates
Tigers by TopperTopper Toys released this band of heroes in 1966. The figures were packaged in clear plastic cases similar to The Go-Gos series. The Tigers stand about 6 inches in height and are articulated with hidden wires, similar to Mattel’s Major Matt Mason. Each of the 8 figures has a spring action function that can be initiated by pushing a button hidden in their back, making them true action figures.

Tex - brandishes his machine gun
Sarge - waves his pistol
Combat Kid - hurls molotov cocktail
Pretty Boy - salutes smartly
Machine Gun Mike - levels his machine gun menacingly
Bugle Ben - raises his bugle to his lips
The Rock - chucks grenades
Big Ears - answers field phone

You could buy Accessory Kits for your Tigers that featured either Camos, Olive Drabs or a Dress Uniform and the appropriate weaponry. The Accessory Kits were sold in window boxes.

For heavy combat, Topper made the Tiger Tank and the Tiger Cannon and Wall. The Tank moves and fires by remote control. If it is hit, it stops and the commander pops out of the hatch in surrender. The Cannon has a push button firing mechanism and the wall explodes when hit.

If you search for the Tigers on your favorite sales or auction site, you will find that the more popular GI Joes outnumber these little fellows by a ratio of easily 100 to 1. Despite their scarcity, you can still get MIB Tigers for $35-$40, Accessory Kits MIP for under $20 and the Tank and Cannon for $100-$150 each. Of all of the figures, Machine Gun Mike is the hardest to find and may fetch a little more. Pretty Boy, Big Ears and Combat Kid are the most common.

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