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Shogun Warriors
"Invincible Guardians of World Freedom!"
By Euphrates
Shogun Warriors Shogun Warriors were based on the cartoon Mazinger Z from Japan which also aired as Force Five in the US. These beautiful figures were made by Popy and were sold in the US by Mattel from 1977 to 1980.

They truly striking thing about the series are the 8 figures that sold from 1977-1979. These monsters were as much as 2-feet tall! The figures were able to defend the world by shooting their fists and/or launching rockets and projectiles from various places on their bodies. They had minor articulation, built-in weaponry, movable head, working arms and were on rollers. This Warriors in this line included Dragun, Daimos, Gaiking, Godzilla, Mazinga, Rodan and Raydeen. The 23.5-inch Godzilla is the and Rodon are the most coveted of the line, easily bringing $200-$300 for loose figures in auctions while the rest of the large series fetch around $150-$250.

Shogun Warriors were sold in several sizes and series which only command a fraction of the dollars the big boys bring. Most of these figures and vehicles can be had for well under $100. These figures included Raider, Dangard, Voltus V, Poseidon, Combatra and Leopaldon in addition to versions of the large Warriors.

Before investing make sure that they have all of the weaponry that they were sold with and that the mechanisims that launch the missles is functioning. It is not uncommon for there to be a Delta Wing Missle, Flying Fist or Shoulder Sickles missing - even from boxed figures. Also, the stickers wore quite easily with a little handling so make sure that they are clean and well attached before writing a check. You may also want to verify that the stickers and accessories aren't replicas as some dealers adopt the "if you don't ask if it's repro then you don't need to know" policy.

List of Series by Size
19 to 24-inch Series - 8 Figures
5-inch Diecast Series - 4 Figures
Two in One Series - 5 Figures
3-inch Diecast Series - 10 Figures
18 Vehicles

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