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Sea Devils
By Euphrates
Sea Devils Figures Sea Devils were Mattel's next 6-inch bendy after the Major Matt Mason line finished up in 1969-1970. These figures are very hard to find in any, much less good, condition. Like cousin Matt, they frequently suffer from broken wires and paint loss.

There were two basic frogmen, Commander Carter and Rick Riley, that each came with oxygen tanks, fins, hoses, face mask, helmet, battery-powered sea sled and pump. Some of these pieces were actually reissues of some of Major Matt Mason's equipment. The pump would cause the figure to dive and resurface. The Search and Rescue set came with an Aqualander, a land and sea vehicle.

Their enemies were Kretar and his shark Zark. These figures are very hard to find, much harder than Major Matt Mason's Scorpio. The Kretar seems to always be split around his arms and is very hard to find without broken wires or surface damage.

Figures and Accessories
Commander Chuck Carter - Figure with orange wetsuit, diving gear, sea jet and motor. (box)
Rick Riley - Figure with black wetsuit, diving gear, Sea Jet and motor. (box)
Zark and Kretor - Contains green sea creature, large shark and 6 rubber bands. (box)
Sea Devils Search and Rescue Set with Commander Carter, diving gear, Aqualander, Sea Jet and Motor. (box)

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