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Steve and Bob Scout
"Official Scout High Adventure!"
By Euphrates
Bob Scout The 8-inch Steve and Bob Scout were a curious move by Kenner when you consider that in 1974 Mego was dominating the 8-inch action figure market with superheroes, monsters and aliens. Pretty hard to coax a child into playing scouting when he could be beating astronauts senseless with his Planet of the Apes gorillas. Nonetheless, for two years Kenner churned out a variety of scouts and adventure sets for Steve and Bob, including cub scouts Craig and Dave in the second year of the line.

The boy scouts are pretty easy to find today. The cubbies are a little harder and the adventure sets are very tough to find, especially boxed. Prices are still well below other action figures from 1974 (Big Jim, Megos and GI Joe) despite the scarcity of the line.

Partial List of Figures and Sets

Steve Scout (2 box styles)
Bob Scout (2 box styles)
Dave Cub
Craig Cub
Avalanche at Blizzard Ridge
Baloon Race to Devil's Canyon
Danger at Snake River
Escape Glide from Eagle Mountain
Fire Fighter Mountain Medic
Lost in the High Country
Metal Detector
Porta-Power Resuce Cycle
Scout Base
Search for the Spanish Galleon
Signal Launcher
Warning from Thunderhead Weather Station

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