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Space: 1999
By VanCleefe
Space:1999 PlaysetMade in 1975 by Mattel, the figures depicted the 3 lead characters in the first year of Space: 1999. Each figure stands 9 inches tall with cloth uniform, and came with the same two accessories (stun gun and commlock).

Commander Koenig's uniform is faithful to that of the character on the show, but the Dr. Russell and Prof. Bergman figures uniforms are quite different in color as to what they actually wore (Mattel probably decided that children wouldn't want a set of action figures wearing bland tan uniforms, so they put Russell in a bright orange outfit, and Bergman in a dark brown one.)

The Mattel Moonbase Alpha Playset was made in 1976 by Mattel for use with the 9" figures. The playset comprises of a large 18" x 30" x 11" vinyl command center with a light up "Starflash Computer" and chairs for the figures.

The Mattel Eagle One was made by Mattel in 1976, Eagle One measures 2 1/2 feet in length, and comes with smaller (3") versions of the Koenig, Russell, and Bergman.

In 1977, Palitoy released 5 different Space: 1999 action figures in England. Each figure was 8 inches tall, and were of better quality than their Mattel counterparts. Because these figures were not released in America (by Mego), they are highly sought after collectibles.

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