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"The Ultimate Man of Adventure!"
By Euphrates
Pulsar Meet Pulsar and his nemesis Hpynos - Mattel products from 1977-1978. These 14-inch figures, which were obviously influenced by the Six Million Dollar Man, had some of the most bizzare features available on any action figure at that time.

Pulsar, the hero, had a clear chest with realistic internal organs, much like the Visible Man model. Here is the cool part: press his back and blood starts running through his veins, his lungs breath and his hear beats. GI Joe couldn't do that no matter how much of a knock-out the GI Nurse was. Pulsar also came with a pair of Mission Disks that you could insert into his computer brain which was hidden behind his removable face.

Hypnos, an alien, also had a removeable face mask and a sparking, noisy hypnotic wheel in his chest.

The only other item in the line was the Life Systems Center. The center was essentially a wall which allowed you to strap in Pulsar and light scan his brain, activate vital organs and program him for missions. In, 1979 Mattel made a large Bat named Gre-Gory that also had the blood pumping mechanisim featured in Pulsar.

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