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Nightmare Before Christmas
By Euphrates
Nightmare Before Christmas Well kids, for my money Hasbro's 1993 celebration of the movie Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas are probably the coolest PVCs made since Matchbox released it's ill-fated Pee Wee Herman line in the '80s. The packaging is gorgeous, the colors are beautiful and the caricatures are dead-on. Hasbro truly captured the spirt of the movie.

Like the Pee Wee Herman line, Nightmare Before Christmas or, NBC as collectors call it, enjoyed only a brief stay on toy shelves. Retailers were a little nervous about the monster/Christmas/Halloween marraige and the film wasn't exactly rivaling Star Wars at the box office so the orders for toys were fairly low. As the movie picked up steam the demand for the figures rose dramatically and now fans need to work 2-3 days to make enough money to buy a carded Jack and Sally.

There are two different figure-types in the Hasbro line; the PVC and the larger cloth and vinyl dolls. Most of the PVC figures came carded with the exception of the boxed Lock, Shock and Barrel. The larger figures were sold in window boxes. The earlier PVC figures were sold with their accessories loose on the card while the later figures were sold with their accessories still on the plastic trees.

Hasbro's PVC
Jack Skellington as Santa with stand, gift, hat and beard
Jack Skellington with stand and pumkin mask
Lock with devil mask and pitch fork (came packaged as Lock, Shock and Barrel)
Shock with mask and broom (came packaged as Lock, Shock and Barrel)
Barrel with mask and trick or treat bag (came packaged as Lock, Shock and Barrel)
Mayor with stand and megaphone
Sally with stand, sewing kit and removable limbs
Santa with gifts and plastic bag
Behemoth with stand and hammer
Dr. Finkelstein with stand and microscope
Werewolf with stand and bone

Hasbro's Dolls
Oogie Boogie with bugs in his belly
Santa Puppet with Candy Cane
Talking Jack Skellington  Doll - 19" with removable head and Zero
Sally Rag Doll with removable limbs

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