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Moon McDare
By Euphrates
Moon McDare Between 1966 and 1969, just about every major toy company had a line that capitolized on the popularity of the space program. Mattel offered kids Major Matt Mason, Eldon gave us Billy Blastoff, Marx presented Johnny and Jane Apollo, Hasbro sent GI Joe into space with a capsule and realistic space suit, and in 1965 Gilbert delivered Moon McDare.

Gilbert's 11-inch figures generally suffered from poor articulation and bland packaging but made up for it with really cool accessories. The Man from UNCLE and James Bond line come with weapons and gadgets that rival GI Joe in quality and functionality, and the Moon McDare line is no exception.

The basic Moon McDare figure came with his overalls, jumpsuits, space suit, helmet, boots, gloves, space gun and air-conditioner in a figure box. Marx gave Johnny Apollo a wife, so Gilbert gave Moon a goofy first name and a dog - Space Mutt. Space Mutt came with a dog-shaped space suit, helmet and oxygen tanks. He was nearly 5 inches long. Here is a list of some of the other accessory sets you could buy for Mr. McDare:

Moon McDare's Moon Explorer Set
Oxygen Tanks that hold batterys which powers a noise making space gun
Communications Unit with Compass
Pack with Blinking Light
Ticking Geiger Counter
Pack with Retractable Cord

Action Spaceman Equipment Set
Blinker Light
Power Pack

Spaceman Equipment Set
Geiger Counter
Space Gun that shoots projectiles
2 Projectiles

Spaceman Equipment Set
Geiger Counter
Pack with Retractable Cord

Moon McDare is not easy to find and if you do happen to locate one, you'll discover that finding one with an untorn rubber space suit is even harder. Space Mutt seems to suffer even more from obscurity and damaged suits. Both figures can set you back up to $75 each.

The accessory sets are suprisingly easy to find and can be had for generally under $25.

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