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The Lone Ranger Rides Again!
By Euphrates
Lone Ranger FigureThere have been many great Lone Ranger toys made over the last few decades, but the focus of this article is on one of my favorites - the Gabriel/Hubley/Marx line of action figures released in 1973.

You will see the packaging, which is quite attractive, marked Gabriel, Hubley or more commonly Marx. Apparently, the Gabriel/Hubley line was sold in the states. Later, Marx took over the line overseas. You can still find a bunch of this stuff MOC/MIB in southwest Europe

One of the best things about The Lone Ranger Rides Again! line is that despite its age, collecting these figures and accessories is still very affordable. The figures boxed or carded can still be had for $40-$100. Of all the figures, The Lone Ranger, Tonto and Butch Cavendish are the easiest to find. You can get them loose and complete for about $25. The rest of the figures, especially Tex Dawson and El Lobo, are much harder to find but still can be had for about $100. The colorful Adventure Sets can still be found boxed or carded for around $25-$50.

I'm including a list of all of the figures and accessories below. You can find more information in Tom Heaton's book

    The Encyclopedia of Marx Action Figures.

The Lone Ranger - carded or boxed
Tonto - carded or boxed
Butch Cavendish - carded or boxed
Tonto - carded or boxed
Danny Reid - carded or boxed
Little Bear - carded or boxed
Red Sleeves - carded or boxed
Tex Dawson - carded or boxed
El Lobo (Came carded or boxed.)

Horses and other Animals
Bandit Taka, Tonto's Trained Eagle

Play Sets
Lone Ranger Stables (Sears Exclusive)
Mysterious Prospector
Solitary Trapper
The Lone Ranger Livery Stable
Prairie Wagon
The Lone Ranger Playtown
Carson City Playset Tribal Wigwam
Tribal Tepee

Window Box Adventure Sets
11 Piece Rifle and Holster Set (child-sized)
The Hopi Medicine Man
The Apache Buffalo Hunt
The Tribal Pow Wow
The Missing Mountain Climber
The Carson City Bank Robbery
The Lost Calvry Patrol
The Landslide Adventure
The Hidden Silver Mine
Lone Ranger and Silver
Tonto and Scout

Carded Adventure Sets
The Adventure of the Indian War
The Adventure of the Stolen Rifles
The Adventure of the Crooked Gambler
The Adventure of the Bootleggers
The Adventure of the Gunrunners
The Adventure of the Secret Corral
The Adventure of the Lazy Trapper
The Adventure of the Broken Horseshoe
The Adventure of the Kidnappers
The Adventure of the Last Chance Saloon
The Adventure of the Stage Robbery The Adventure of the Red River Flood Waters

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