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J. J. Armes
"The World's Greatest Private Investigator!"
By Euphrates
J. J. Armes J.J. Armes was the real life Six Million Dollar Man. He was a successful private detective with no hands. His cunning and courage plus the popularity of the Bionic Man inspired Kenner to produce the J.J. Armes line in 1976.

Jay was sold in a window box. He was vinyl, 10-inches tall with Captain Actionesque articulation. In fact, I have heard that he uses the same body style as Action Boy. He came dressed in pants, a sweater and vest marked JJ, and boots. His molded hair covers the upper part of his ears as was the fashion in 1976. Jay wasn't the only Ideal action figure to use Captain Action's body. Electroman and the Star Team Knight of Darkness both had the same body types and are frequently used to complete Captain Actions with missing body parts.

Instead of hands, Jay James Armes had clever accessories that let him use his "hands" as tools and weapons. These pieces were stored in a red briefcase. The contents of the case were:

2 suction cups for climbing walls
a magnet for hanging onto steel structures
a machete to cut his way out of tough situations
a pair of false hands for undercover roles
a hook that converts to a pistol
a pair of spring loaded hooks

Jay had his own training center (essentially a fold open box) which featured a target range, an equipment rack and workstation. Ideal also made a Mobile Investigation Unit for Jay. The van had a giant claw in the back for, ummm, picking up stuff. It also had it's own satellite and fold open front for hasty exits. These were the only two toys, not counting the figure, made for the series.

Jay, and especially the MIU are hard to find complete (those little accessories!) and in nice condition. Expect to pay about $40 for a figure with accessories and as much as $100 for the MIU and C.A.M.P. playset.

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