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The Inter-Changeables
"The Fantastic World of the Inter-Changeables!"
By Euphrates
Inter-Changeables Inter-Changeables were born in 1982, the year the Micronauts died. Mego's old molds were used by Hourtoy to create this short run of figures and playsets that were actually identical to their close cousins the Micronauts.

The Inter-Changeables are not an easy find but are very affordable as they primarily appeal to Micronauts collectors who must have all of the possible variations.

(Partial List of Figures and Playsets)
Captain Cosmo
Cosmic Warp Chamber
Cosmo Steed
Count Magno
C.A.R.P. (Cosmic Android Robot Probe)
C.I.R.E.S. Cosmic Integral Robot Exchange System)
C.I.T.S.(Cosmic Interstellar Transit Station).
Lord Meto
Magna Steed
Red Oberon 

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