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Food Fighters
"Combat at it's Kookiest!"
By Euphrates
Food Fighters Made in 1988 by Mattel, Food Fighters were an army of hotdogs, french fries, pancakes, pizzas, hamburgers and other leftovers. The Food Fighters had arms, legs and faces - similar to the California Raisins line. Each refridgerator reject was armed with a wacky name, a weapon and an accessory.

These figures weren't that popular when they were on toy shelves, and still get overlooked by collectors for Masters of the Universe, Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles and Transformers. This means you can pick up about any of the figures in the set still MOC for a fraction of what some of the other late 80's toys sell for loose.

List of Figures and Accessories
BBQ Bomber
Burgerdier General
Chip the Ripper
Combat Carton
Fat Frenchy
Fry Chopper
Kitchen Commando
Lieutenant Legg
Major Munch
Mean Weener
Private Pizza
Refrigerator Reject
Sergeant Scoop
Short Stack
Taco Terror

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