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By Euphrates

Electroman Ideal's Electroman was an oversized (a 16 inch action figure in an 8 inch world) superhero who wore a costume no child would want (red and yellow) and had only one enemy, Zogg (the name Zogg was also used from the Zeroids line) the Terrible, to do battle with. This probably accounts for the short run of 1977-1978. Both Electroman and Zogg had minature flashlights, I mean light-beams, lodged in their heads. The light on Electroman's head had three critical functions for Zogg's benefit: Guard, Radar and Stun. The first time the light hits Zogg's sensor he starts walking. The second shot actually drops him, face down. Zogg, who looks a bit like a shaved gorilla, came with a gun that you could shoot him with in the event that Electroman was unavailable.

Like all unpopular and short-lived action figures, Electroman and Zogg are hard to find. Especially with working lamps and Zogg's gun. The good news is that IF you find one, you can get them pretty cheaply considering their scarcity.

Note: There was a 19" black Magic Hair Crissy released in 1977 in an Electroman uniform and without the velco hair attachments. I have not been able to find out what Ideal named this doll but have seen her referenced as "Tara". These dolls are very hard to find.

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