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By Scareglow
Dune "He who controls the spice, controls the Universe!" Simple words from a simple time, about 10,000 years in the future that is. DUNE: a cult classic movie directed by David Lynch for one purpose: action figures. Well, not really, but what an obscure movie to make action figures for. DUNE is not your movie of choice for kids under the age of 12. Fortunatly, for action figure and movie fans, LJN didn't seem to mind.

LJN ,known for their excellent figure renditions of the Thundercats cartoon, brought to life most of the key characters from the Dune movie; Paul Atredies (Kyle Maclachlan), Rabban, Stilgar the Fremen, Baron Harkonnen, The Sardaukar Warrior, and Feyd (some know him as Sting). I say most of the main characters because, due to reasons only known by the high ups at LJN, two prototype figures never made it to the production line; Gurney Alleck (Patrict Stewart) and Lady Jessica. But the list could have gone on and on. Where was Duke Atredies, Chany or the Emperor? Plenty of award winning actors for a second series, but maybe LJN had figured out that the kids were just not interested.

In addition to the six figures, the series also featured a few vehicles and cool toys; the Sandworm, two different space pistols, the Spice Scout which could hold one figure in it, and three small wind-up style ships. One ship that made it to the prototype stage was the Thopter flying ship, but again someone nixed the idea before it got to production.

The value of these toys hangs on the obscurity of the film. All of the figures are relatively difficult to find on near mint cards. The bubbles that hold the figures are notorious for yellowing with age. Feyd is most sought after due to the whole Police "gods of the 80's rock" thing, but toughest of the figures to find is the Sardaukar Warrior. The Spice scout, Sand worm are also difficult to find packaged, but the true gems of the line are the two space pistols; The Fremen Tarpel Gun and the Sardaukar Laser Gun. Cool guns with cool lights and sounds!!!

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